Piaggio Porter Electric

The Piaggio Porter prides itself on the wide range of tasks it can perform. The piaggio porter is a dynamic, multi-functional tool that will assist you in going about your daily tasks. Not only will it fill your requirements, it will exceed your expectations.

This electric version has been a huge hit with various firms across major cities in the UK. The vehicle runs using electric power only with no backup of fuel power, for this reason it has been approved to be placed in various ‘restrcited’ locations such as airports and train stations. It can be driven with a scooter license from just 16 years of age. For its size and fuel economy, its payload capacity is unrivalled (up to 850 Kg). With its easily accessible platform, the generous space of the van version and the young style of the Cross, Apé 50 offers practically limitless solutions.

We offer an extensive range of Apé parts and accessories to accompany any dealer, making sure your customers stay happy and on the road at all times!


  • Fully electric zero emissions vehicle perfect for the historic city centre.
  • Revised powertrain and control electronics for increased smoothness and comfort.
  • Available in all versions and body styles.

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