Future-forward design

Great design comes from any angle, the rear looks as elegant as it is functional. Clearly a KGM with the wings badge, clearly a Korando with a wide opening tailgate and substantial loadspace to cater for the family needs, clearly electric signed off with an e-Motion logo.

Kgm Feature Icon Neg Engine

152kW Electric

Kgm Feature Icon Neg Range New2

309 mile city range

Kgm Feature Icon Neg Storage Space

1,248l loadspace

Kgm Feature Icon Neg Tow Capacity

1.5 tonne* towing limit



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Electrifying good looks

Hero Image Hero Image

High tech. full spec

Kgm Feature Icon Neg Instrument Cluster

12.3" digital cluster

Kgm Feature Icon Neg Infotainment Touch Screen 2

9" infotainment touch screen

Kgm Feature Icon Neg Mood Lighting

Mood lighting

Kgm Feature Icon Neg Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless phone charger

You would expect a vehicle which is on the leading edge of an all-electric revolution to have electronics to match. Korando e-Motion has advanced driver interfaces which use faster, easier, smarter technology to evolve the way you drive.

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comfort & space

Kgm Feature Icon Pos Storage Space

1,248l total loadspace

Kgm Feature Icon Pos Seats

Leather heated front & rear seats

Inside, Korando e-Motion is big. It's roomy and it's comfortable. The award winning front seats are sumptuous and heated. And there's more than enough room for strapping teenagers in the back. 

With 551 litres of loadspace, the Korando e-Motion offers class beating capacity for luggage and seating flexibility. It's not just big. It's huge and packed with features.

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safety on or off road

Kgm Feature Icon Neg Air Bags

6 airbags

Kgm Feature Icon Neg Active Roll Over Protection

Active roll-over protection

This is the safest and strongest Korando ever. Safety is built in - from the body up, with a best in class body structure composed of 77% high tensile strength steel. We've also fitted 6-airbags in case you run into trouble - or trouble runs into you.

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you're in charge

Kgm Feature Icon Pos Engine

152kW Electric

Kgm Feature Icon Pos Range New2

309 mile city range

With a range of up to 309 miles when driving in the city, Korando e-Motion has more than ample ability. 15 miles to work and back again each day? One charge will last you a week. Going further afield? London to Leeds? No problem. Manchester to Birmingham? And back again. 


Korando provides a convenient charging control system via the infotainment screen allowing prescheduled charging, target charging and providing a clear charging status display to keep you on track.


To charge your car at home, it's recommended that you get an electric car charging point installed. This method of charging is approximately three times faster than a three-pin plug. Our partners, EO have vast experience in home charge points and their installation.


Korando e-Motion accessories

Make the most of everyday adventures with our wide range of additional features and car accessories to complement your Korando e-Motion. Get in touch with us for more information and pricing.



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7-year warranty

It's reassuring to know that the Korando e-Motion comes with a 7-year / 90,000 mile warranty. It's a Korean thing. When we promise something, we stick to it. If something goes wrong and it's definitely our fault, we fix it. Our customers like it, and they tell other people about it. So everybody's happy.


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