Korando e-Motion accessories

We have a range of accessories for all of our models that will make it a little more "you". How about adding a tow bar for transporting your caravan or horse box, or adding roof bars to add a spacious roof box for even more storage? We even have varying ways of transporting your bikes on the outside of your car - that way you keep the mud there too!



Fixed towbar

Part number - 1101319011
Fitted - £448.00

Retail - £265.20

The KGM Korando e-Motion can tow up to 1500kg and has a maximum kerb weight of up to 1765kg.


The fixed towbar is permanently attached to your e-Motion, with a simple design that requires little to low maintenance.



Detachable towbar

Part number - 1101319012

Fitted - £621.00
Retail - £438.60

The KGM Korando e-Motion can tow up to 1500kg and has a maximum kerb weight of up to 1765kg.


Add versatility and value to your vehicle with a detachable tow bar.


When you are not towing, the removable swan-neck design can be removed. 


There is no bumper cut required to fit the towbar. Once the neck of the tow bar is removed there is only a small mounting point, and the towbar electric socket left at the lower edge of the bumper. This makes for a very discreet towbar installation and fitment should take only 3 hours.


*Requires a towing electrics kit - part number: SY02214


RC 13 Pin E-motion Tow Bar Wiring

Part number - SY02214
Fitted - £371.00

Retail - £234.60

This 13-pin wiring kit, also known as a dedicated wiring loom, is the correct kit that should be fitted to your Korando e-Motion.


It's designed to interact with the towing relate features on the vehicle whilst towing whilst a universal option does not offer this level of function.

Compliant with EU legislation. Perfect for bike carriers.


*Requires detachable towbar part number  1101319012


RC Caravan Extension Wiring

Part number - UV005ZZ
Fitted - £218.00

Retail - £81.60

This kit supports our 13-pin range of kits that DO NOT have pin 9 permanent 12v already installed in the main kit. The 3-wire extension provides a switching input wire, load wire and direct connection for pin 9, all supplied from the battery, enabling the charge of additional items.



Rubber Floor Mat Set (Auto)

Part number - 1301319021
Fitted - £92.00

Retail - £91.80

Protect your vehicle's interior from dirt and mud with our rubber floor mats - perfect for every season. 

Genuine KGM rubber floor mats are tailored to fit your e-Motion and designed to complement the interior of your vehicle. Made from high quality material, they help to protect your interior from everyday wear and tear, dirt and damp. The driver’s mat is securely fixed directly onto the vehicle’s floor to help prevent it from slipping.


Rear bumper fold out protector

Part number - 1301319010

Fitted - £70.00
Retail - £61.20

Protect your rear bumper from scratches, chips and dents when putting anything and everything in the e-Motion's spacious boot. The rear bumper fold out protector is made of a soft, durable material which will prevent any nasty damages appearing in and around the boot.


Carpet Floor Mat Set Auto E100

Part number - 1301319023
Fitted - £92.00

Retail - £91.80



Locking Wheel Nut Kit

Part number - 1600019092
Fitted - £61.00

Retail - £52.00

Locking wheel nuts (also known as lug nuts or alloy wheel nuts) are used by car manufacturers all over the world over to keep wheels secure to a vehicle, something which has been instrumental in combating car wheel theft.


If you’ve lost your car’s original locking wheel nut key, look no further but you will need  your car’s locking wheel nut key code – this will be able to determine which specific key you need.


Touch-in paint

Part number - LS76800***
Fitted - £19.00

Retail - £19.44

This is a handy paint touch up tool that has been specifically designed by KGM to colour match your vehicle and make those small stonechips effortless to repair. The part number requires colour match paint code as per the last three digits.


Type 2 Charging Cable (5m)

Part number - C32-2M2F-1P-5
Fitted - £177.00

Retail - £176.80


Type 2 Charging Cable with carry bag

Part number - ECABLEKIT
Fitted - £194.00

Retail - £193.80


Granny Cable (standard KGM UK vehicle issue)

Part number - 1094039020
Fitted - £721.00

Retail - £720.72

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